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[+] Creating Spine Destination Centers for Medical Tourists

For the latest in its series of complimentary webinars focusing on critical spine surgery and spine center issues, SpineMark Corporation brings together Marcy T. Rogers, President and CEO of SpineMark; Henry Huang, COO of California Healthcom Group; and Michael Cambron, Managing Partner of Applied Medical Solutions, to discuss how to create spine destination centers for medical tourists.

[+] Alignment Strategies Using Spine Centers
For the latest in its series of complimentary webinars focusing on critical spine surgery and spine center issues, SpineMark Corporation brings together Marcy T. Rogers, President and CEO of SpineMark, and John J. Goehle, Chief Operating Officer of Ambulatory Healthcare Strategies, to discuss alignment strategies for Spine Centers of Excellence.

[+] The Financials of Spine: Current Trends in Reimbursement, Contracting, Management, Operations and Implants
SpineMark Corporation, the premier global service company for the development of Spine Centers of Excellence and Spine Research Organizations, brings together leading spine experts to discuss the financial side of this niche healthcare field.

Joining Marcy T. Rogers, President and CEO of SpineMark, for this program is Arthur E. Casey, CASC, Senior Vice President of Business Development for Outpatient Healthcare Strategies, and Danielle Koelbl, President of MedRev Solutions.

[+] How to Effectively Market Spine Centers and Spine Surgeons
A robust marketing program is vital for attracting patients and surgeons to spine centers. The program must highlight the center’s services, its corporate and physician leadership and any other qualities that make the organization a leader in the industry. To maximize the return on investment in a marketing program requires a carefully developed marketing strategy and plan that employs a variety of tools and resources. This webinar discusses what is required for effective marketing of spine centers and surgeons.

[+] Working with a Clinical Research Organization: Helping Companies Bring Products to Market on Schedule, On Budget and In Compliance
Just one in every five medical device clinical trials actually finishes on time. Delays lead to lost revenue, rise in expenses and the missed opportunity to be first to market with improved products, instruments and standards of care. Statistics also show that nearly 80% of medical device companies that commit significant time, talent and money acquiring promising technologies, engineering them into products and conducting exhaustive pre-clinical studies eventually fall short of executing a successful clinical trial. This webinar discusses the causes of clinical trial delays, their impact, the role of reimbursement planning and how a Clinical Research Organization can help device sponsor companies overcome the most common challenges of a clinical trial.

[+] Developing Successful Spine Centers and Managing Quality
It is a challenging time to develop successful spine centers. Hospitals and physicians are under greater scrutiny because of reports about overutilization, illegal and unethical referral schemes, questionable relationships with device manufacturers and other accusations that suggest providers are compromising quality care to make more money. The good news is it is not all doom and gloom for the field of spine. Demand for spine care is increasing, and there’s probably no better time to develop and operate a spine center. There are millions of people suffering from spinal pain, and until they receive help, they will continue to consume these services. This program discusses topics addressing how to develop successful Spine Centers of Excellence while managing quality.