SpineMark Announces Strategic Partnership With Regenexx

National leader in excellence for in treatment of spine conditions partners with an innovative alternative to spine surgery

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San Diego, CA – SpineMark is the premier global spine service company for the development of Spine Destination Centers and Spine Research Organizations. Through partnerships with hospitals and physicians nationwide and globally, the company develops and operates comprehensive, evidence-based spine centers of excellence to improve the overall quality of life of patients afflicted with spine disorders and injuries. SpineMark is pleased to announce a partnership with Regenexx to provide an innovative, minimally invasive surgical alternative for many common spine conditions. Regenexx will likewise be referring candidates for surgery to SpineMark centers for excellence.

Regenexx provides non-surgical alternatives to treat orthopedic injuries and arthritis, and a broad range of neck and spine conditions such as degenerative disk disease, bulging disks. Founding the field of Interventional Orthopedics, Regenexx cell-based procedures effectively intervene on 70% of orthopedic injuries and conditions where surgery was previously the only solution. This approach enables self-insured employers to save more than 80% on orthopedic costs, all while providing best-in-class outcomes. The Regenexx process of treating musculoskeletal conditions involves a level of physician skill and patented protocols to customize cell based treatments which can only be achieved through Regenexx standards of practice.

"The time is right for the mutual synergies of Regenexx and SpineMark to unite," said Marcy Rogers, President of SpineMark. "Both companies are privileged to work with the greatest physician leaders in the industry in providing innovative solutions to patients and medical tourists suffering from musculoskeletal and spinal conditions as well as employers, third-party payors and lawyers. We believe this agreement will help support the paradigm shift of services Regenexx and SpineMark offer in their respective fields of interventional orthopedics and minimally invasive spine surgery in the U.S. and abroad."

“The Regenexx Interventional Orthopedic strategy offers a unique solution for employers to realize immediate savings day-one, dollar one while providing an alternative that employees have chosen over 99% in lieu of surgery,” said Jason Hellickson, CEO of Regenexx. Regenexx clinics are the only regenerative medicine solution with the capability to serve a nationwide footprint with the same standard of care from coast to coast with 60 clinic locations across the country and an additional 70 locations projected by the end of 2019.

About SpineMark

SpineMark Corporation is a service organization dedicated to transforming the delivery of care for spinal injuries. The company partners with hospitals and physicians across the United States and globally to develop and operate comprehensive, evidence-based spine centers of excellence. By building a global network of spine centers, spine research organizations and state-of-the-art medical conference facilities, SpineMark is improving the overall quality of life of patients afflicted with spine disorders and injuries.

Driven by the specialized experience and expertise of its leadership team and Medical Advisory Board, SpineMark maintains high standards for spine care in its global network, creating clinically validated best practices for spine care that streamline diagnosis and treatment, simplify referrals and accelerate the recovery process.

About Regenexx

Regenexx is a nationwide network of physicians who practice Interventional Orthopedics, a new specialty that focuses on using the most advanced regenerative-medicine protocols available as an alternative to many orthopedic surgeries. Regenexx has published roughly half of the research world-wide on the use of stem cells for treating orthopedic injuries, and our patented treatment lab-processing and treatment protocols allow us to achieve unmatched results. Regenexx procedures use your body’s natural healing agents including blood platelets and stem cells to repair damaged bone, muscle, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments. We believe in educating patients, offering options, and encouraging people to take an active role in their own treatment.

For more information on Regenexx Corporate, visit  www.regenexxcorporate.com or call 888-547-6667. For more information on the Regenexx procedures, visit www.regenexx.com.

Marcy T. Rogers Featured in SD Voyager

Marcy T. Rogers, M.Ed., President and CEO of SpineMark Corp., is featured in a new article published by SD Voyager.

In the piece, Rogers discusses a wide range of topics, including her career in medicine and how she discovered her passion for spine care; professional challenges she has overcome; background on SpineMark and its approach to patient care; and why she loves living in San Diego.

Access the column by clicking here.

SD Voyager, published by Voyage Media, aims to highlight the best of San Diego, with a mission described as building a "platform that fosters collaboration and support for small businesses, independent artists and entrepreneurs, local institutions and those that make our city interesting."

Renew Spinal Care Announces Strategic Alliance Agreement with SpineMark

Renew Spinal Care, Inc. announces a strategic alliance agreement with SpineMark Corporation, adding a key component to its rapidly expanding structure. The agreement with SpineMark will allow the two dynamic companies to complement one another through mutually aligned strategies that will enhance patient diagnosing, integrate operational minimally invasive spine surgery protocol and merge state-of-the-art medical technology. 

Renew consists of a national network of board-certified spine surgeons who specialize in minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS). Physicians utilize innovative techniques to repair multiple levels of the spine, bilaterally, in the lumbar, cervical and even the thoracic region in one anesthetic experience. Through MISS procedures, spinal nerve impingements are released through the least invasive approaches available. In most cases, patients do not require an overnight hospital stay; rather, they leave the surgical facility on the same day with just a bandage and no stitches.

SpineMark Destination Centers are a unique, comprehensive delivery system, starting with accurate diagnosis of the origin of the pain. SpineMark advocates for holistic modalities and minimally invasive procedures and surgeries to restore patients' abilities to live a productive life. SpineMark leads with a "first-do-no-harm" minimally invasive spine approach, with more complex surgeries, such as fusions, always considered a last resort.

SpineMark's mission is to create a universal standard based on early intervention for the treatment of patients suffering from spinal pain with the help of physicians, industry payors and governmental agencies. SpineMark's protocol and Renew's network of board-certified surgeons are combining to offer Spine Centers of Excellence in an unparalleled partnership in the history of the development of MISS.

In addition to focusing on spine, the agreement integrates minimally invasive foot and ankle surgery. Both companies are in the forefront of assisting leading nationally recognized surgeons specializing in ambulatory foot and ankle surgery avoiding plates, pins and screws.

Pairing of Leading Minds on Spine Care

Sam Bailey, CEO of Renew, and Marcy Rogers, President of SpineMark, bring more than 45 years combined business experience and leadership in the development of spinal modalities. The agreement between Renew and SpineMark unites their formidable experience and relationships, forming an alliance that offers a platform for physicians to maximize their practice and healthcare consumers to benefit from the latest developments in spine surgery.

Bailey said, "I am honored and humbled to work together with Marcy and the SpineMark team. Her tireless pursuit of excellence in uniting the greatest minds in MISS is inspirational to all who know her and have had the privilege of working alongside her."

Concerning the agreement, Rogers said, "The time is right for the mutual synergies of Renew and SpineMark to unite. Both companies are privileged to work with the greatest physician leaders in the industry. Sam and I have known each other since the early days of MISS. We believe this agreement will help change the course of medical history."

Neurosurgeon Dr. Adam Lewis, National Medical Director for SpineMark, welcomes the opportunity to work closely with Renew. "In just five years, Renew has established its reputation as a true leader in the MISS space. As a long-time advocate of MISS, I am excited for SpineMark to help Sam and his team bring their innovative techniques to even more communities."

Dr. Michael Keogh, National Director of Marketing for SpineMark, says the agreement between Renew and SpineMark will improve the quality of life for people nationwide. "The biggest beneficiaries of this agreement are patients," he says. "They will gain access to the most advanced care that delivers exceptional outcomes at low costs — the type of services our healthcare system desperately needs more of."