Strategic Partners

SpineMark is proud to of our strategic partnerships with these leading organizations:

Philips Worldwide: SpineMark entered into a strategic partnership with Phillips Worldwide in 2010 to support proving diagnostic imaging services, planning, design, lighting, and consumer goods for SpineMark Centers of Excellence. Since then, they have collaborated in key projects in the Netherlands, Turkey, U.S., Mexico and the U.K..

Millennium Environmental: Partnered with SpineMark in 2010 to create a standardization model for measuring quality, operations, patient thru-put and return on investment for SpineMark Centers of Excellence in the U.S. and abroad. Millennium Environment developed the Spine Protocol Management System for SpineMark.

Ph. Dx., Outcome Data Collection: In 2006 SpineMark contracted with Ph.Dx., to provide independent data collection for patient outcomes in SpineMark’s Centers of Excellence. Network and site report cards were used to meet quality assurance measures within each site, the SpineMark and Ph.Dx. network and against literature.

Priority Consult Triage Software Solutions: Priority Consult has developed a unique patented software clinically developed by the Mayfield Clinic for triage of spine patients through a Center of Excellence Model. SpineMark has implemented Priority Consult in their centers starting in 2008 to present with great results relative to the coordination of care and medical management of patients.

RNL Bio: Stem cell therapies and research are exploding around the U.S. and abroad. The demand for these novel treatments has led to advances in the treatment of cardio vascular, inflammatory and acquired diseases. SpineMarks brings RNL Bio into each international center they set up as a potential partner in research.

Mercury Healthcare: Mercury Healthcare is one of the largest medical tourism agencies in the U.S. and abroad. They contract with hospitals all over the world for specialty services as well as routine for patients from abroad. In 2010, Mercury Healthcare and SpineMark teamed up to explore the amazing opportunities for medical tourism for their locations.